Is your cart system secure?

Pivko Presents provides secure checkout encrypted with modern cryptography via SSL by RapidSSL.  Credit card payments are processed through Stripe which is the best payment processing gateway on the internet (says me).  If you would like to pay with Paypal that is also an option during checkout, and will use the secure connection provided by Paypal.


I don't like my purchase, can I get my money back?

Because of the nature of digital goods, all sales are final.  However, if you really don't like your purchase please do send feedback. Feedback is gold, and will help future products get better.

What nationality is the name Pivko?

It is Polish, but from what I gather it may also apply to some other countries like Russia.  It translates to "small beer," as in a drink you can order at a bar.  The reality is someone in my family history was probably a brewer or a drunk, or both.